Top Staking Coin Info

Staking coins are a very diverse and growing sector of the cryptocurrency world. Since 2017 these coins have exploded in popularity, and consequently number. Proof of stake has significant benefits when it comes to launching a new coin in this competitive space.


There is an ever increasing amount of information floating around regarding staking coins, but below we have tried to summarize some key facts and discussions you should be aware of:


Staking Compared to Mining Cryptocurrencies POS vs POW: Breaking down the differences and tradeoffs between POW mining (like Bitcoin) and Staking.
Different Types of Proof of Stake and Staking Different types of POS: Not all Proof of Stake mining is the same. Like other types of mining, staking has many flavors.
Is it profitable to run a Proof of Stake Wallet? Is it Profitable?: Proof of stake is known for its low computer resource usage, but that doesn’t mean it’s always profitable.